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Cardiocrinum giganteum

Genus: Cardiocrinum.

Species: Cardiocrinum giganteum.

As it takes about seven years to reach flowering size from seed, you've missed it for this year! But I might buy in a few bulbs for next year. Just as prone to lily beetle as lilies and slugs also relish it

Photos of this plant

  • Cardiocrinum_giganteum_var_yunnanense_2010
  • Cardiocrinum_giganteum_2012
  • Cardiocrinum_giganteum_close_up_2012
  • Cardiocrinum_giganteum_2013
  • Cardiocrinum_giganteum_var_yunnanense_2015
  • Cardiocrinum_giganteum_2016
  • Cardiocrinum_giganteum_2019