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Cucumber 'Socrates' F1 AGM
Mr Fothergill's
Vigorous, stong plants producing mini, bitter-free cues.
'All female' best frown in a greenhouse or tunnel.
Improved greenhouse 'Petita' type.
Hardiness rating: H1c (5-10 degrees C)

Sow indoors: 0.5cm deep, on edge, sideways, in small pots of compost. Water well (the compost must be thoroughly damp as the seeds have a very hard casing)and place in a warm position. A temp of 20-25 degrees C is ideal. Keep moist. Seedlings usually appear in 7-21 days. When plants have developed 3 or 4 leaves transplant to 12cm pots and grow on in cooler, but not cold conditions. Plant out to large pots or growing bags or greenhouse border. Provide support and train plants up canes, strings or nettings. Stop lateral growth 2 leaves past each fruit. Pinch out growing tips when they reach the roof. Male flowers (these without a swelling behind the flower - the swelling will become the cucumber) may occasionally form, especially if the plants become stressed, these should be removed.

Cucumbers do best in a humid atmosephere, so damp down greenhouse regularly. Once fruits form, regular feeding will ensure the best crops.

So indoors Feb to May. Plant out April to June. Harvest July to October.

General cucumber info:
•Sow in early spring if you plan to grow plants in a heated greenhouse or in mid-spring for unheated greenhouses or to go outdoors.
•Keep plants moist and stake with a small garden cane to provide support (from very small as they are quick growing).
•Keep the temp as constant as you can, trying not to let the temp drop below 15 degrees C, especially at night.
•If growing indoors, plant two cucumbers in a growing bag at the end of May and support with a garden cane attached to the ceiling of the greenhouse. If your greenhouse is heated, plants can go into bags from March.
•Regularly secure stems of indoor varieties to the cane and once it has reached the roof, pinch out the tip.
•Pinch out the shoots from side branches holding fruit, leaving two leaves after each. All female varieties produce fruit on the main stem, so remove laterals altogether.
•Cucumbers must be kept moist, but not soaking, to prevent a check to the fruit.
•Once the fruit appears, give them a boost by feeding every fortnight with a fertiliser high in potash.
•Remove fruit by cutting off with a pair of secateurs or a sharp knife.

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