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Genus: Buxus.

Species: Buxus sempervirens.

Trimming box topiary involves cutting back the fresh new growth of your chosen plant in late spring, to encourage the development of side shoots. These shoots can then be cut in mid summer to create a well-defined surface in whatever shape you wish. This will again cause sideshoots to grow and the plants can be given a final shaping and tidy up if necessary in early autumn.

Use secateurs scissors or single-handed shears to cut young topiary or intricate forms. Cut back the young current season's shoots when they have reached 8-10cm long. Cut back to 2 leaves from the base. Avoid cutting into the previous year's older growth.

For box hedges and edgings, trim the new growth using a pair of garden hand shears. For the top, make sure that you keep the blades horizontal to get a level surface. Cut back to a couple of leaves above where the current growth starts.

Box blight - Tips on how to help prevent or hopefully cure minor cases (look out for black streaks on the stems and white spores on the leaves):
- Remain vigilant and cut out infected stems promptly
- Avoid pruning in wet weather, the water splashes the spores around.
- Pick up all pruning’s and fallen leaves, they harbour spores.
- Clean tools between plants, especially after pruning infected box.
- Consider delaying feeding till the summer, lush green growth in spring is highly susceptible.
- Check plants before you buy and always quarantine newly bought plants for a couple of weeks.

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