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Corydalis flexuosa Purple Leaf

Genus: Corydalis.

Species: Corydalis flexuosa.

New Hopetoun 24 March 2013

This choice corydalis produces fragrant clusters of periwinkle-blue flowers and ferny foliage infused with purple hues. It is similar to 'Blue Panda,' yet is slower to spread and blooms more reliably during the summer.
Noteworthy characteristics: It blooms in the spring, may go dormant with the onset of summer's heat, and then sprout again in autumn. Purple-tinged foliage.
Care: Prefers partial shade and moderately fertile, well-drained soil.
Propagation: Sow seed when fresh; germination may be erratic. Divide in fall.
Problems: Downy mildew, rust, aphids, slugs, snails; spider mites indoors.

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