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Spiraea (bridal wreath)

Genus: Spiraea.

Species: Spiraea prunifolia.

Spiraea prunifolia (Bridalwreath Spiraea)

Position: full sun
Soil: fertile, moist, well-drained soil
Rate of Growth: average to fast
Flowering period: April and May
Flowers: white
Other features: toothed, bright green leaves
Hardiness: fully hardy

Height & spread: 1.5-2m.

Gorgeous arching sprays of white flowers in mid and late spring and toothed, bright green leaves. This popular, deciduous shrub is ideal for a sunny, well-drained shrub or mixed border. Relatively vigorous and easy to grow, to guarantee an abundant, foam-like display it must be pruned annually immediately after flowering.

Garden care: Immediately after flowering prune flowered shoots to strong buds. On mature specimens cut back between a quarter to a fifth of the old shoots to the base.

Spiraea 'Arguta' (Bridal wreath) AGM

Can do complete renovation if necessary: Cut all stems 10-20cm (4-8in) from the ground or to branches low down, 20-45cm (8-18in) in the shrub. Follow up this hard pruning with a feed and mulch in spring. This growth may need subsequent thinning out to select the strongest, best placed shoots. Renovate deciduous shrubs like this between autumn and spring, usually between November and March.

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