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Dendrobium kingianum

Genus: Dendrobium.

Species: Dendrobium kingianum.

March 2011, given by my parents

April 2013 - flowered for the first time

Dendrobium kingianum is a cool-growing lithophytic orchid from Eastern Australia, where it is also known as the “pink rock lily”.

Where to Grow
In a greenhouse, conservatory or indoors, in a sunny position. From April to October, D kingianum may be grown outdoors.

Very tolerant. Ideally, up to 25 degrees C in summer, not below 5 degrees C in winter.

To increase humidity, stand the plant in a pebble tray, ensuring the pot is clear of the water. Alternatively, group humidity loving plants (for example, other orchids and ferns) together. An occasional misting may also help.

In spring and summer, water as the compost starts to dry out. In winter, reduce watering, just enough to keep the canes from shrivelling. When in doubt, don’t water.

Apply tepid or lukewarm water liberally to the compost, making sure it is soaked. Then repeat. Allow excess water to drain from the pot before returning to position (tilting the pot often helps).

For best results, water early in the day using rainwater where possible.

A balanced feed at half the recommended strength for houseplants, applied every other or every third watering during the growing season is beneficial (less in winter).

Rest Period
A cool, dry rest in winter is beneficial to the health of the plant, and also assists flowering.

Small fragrant blooms, from white to pink to mauve, lasting several weeks.

Repot every 1-2 years, using a bark:perlite mix, in a pot just big enough to hold the roots, leaving room for another season’s growth.

Orchids are generally slow growers, and may take several years to reach flowering size.

Keikis (baby plants) may sometimes be produced on the canes. These may be detached and potted up when roots appear.

Photos of this plant

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