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Mahonia Aquifolium

Genus: Mahonia.

Species: Mahonia aquifolium.

Mahonia aquifolium (Oregon grape).

Yellow flowers in Spring (March/April).

Low-growing mahonias used as groundcover can be cut back hard each year during late spring.

RHS pruning group 8 - Prune immediately after flowering. Certain evergreen shrubs require a harder prune to increase flowering or to maintain their attractive shape. Examples include groundcover such as Mahonia aquifolium which look best sheared over in spring.

Could be 'Apollo' AGM.
'Apollo' is a handsome, low-growing and dense variety, spreading freely like all aquifoliums by creeping roots and suckers. Its foliage is deep bronze-green with red stalks, turning an opulent shade of bronze-red in winter, and with large heads of bright yellow spring flowers.
Prune in spring, once it has flowered. Remove any unwanted suckers around the edge of the plant to control its spread. If you want to keep it dense to have good ground cover, then you can shear it to just above ground level every other year (or annually).
Neglected shrubs can be renovated by cutting old branches down to ground level, leaving younger stems intact.
Height 0.5-1.0m
Spread 1.0-1.5m
Slow growing, will reach max height/spread in 10-20 years.
Fully hardy.
Prefers part or full shade, suited to a woodland setting.

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