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Succulents - Euphorbia obesa

It is found in Kendrew, a small area of the Great Karroo, the Northern Cape region of South Africa, in the Graaff-Reinet district.

There are separate male and female plants.

It grows in full sun or under the protection of low shrubs and sometime among low boulders in fairly sandy soils.

Their colour blends well with the surroundings and it is well camouflaged. The habitat is very stony and hilly with summer rainfall ranging from 200-300 mm per annum, falling mainly in thunder showers.
Summers are very hot: the average daily maximum about 26 degrees centigrade and the minimum about 11 degrees centigrade. Light frost occurs during the winter months.

It likes a sunny position, but it can also be grown outdoors where the frost is not too severe.

Photos of this plant

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