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Alchemilla conjuncta

Genus: Alchemilla.

Species: Alchemilla conjuncta.

Bought Hopetoun 19 October 2013

Alchemilla conjuncta (Silver lady's mantle) will reach a height of 0.4m and a spread of 0.3m after 2-5 years.

Cultivation: Will tolerate any moist soil in sun or partial shade.

Soil type: Chalky, Clay, Loamy, Sandy (will tolerate most soil types)

Soil drainage: Moist but well-drained, Well-drained

Soil pH: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral

Light: Full Sun, Partial Shade

Aspect: North, South, East, West

Exposure: Exposed, Sheltered

Hardiness: Hardy (H4)

Photos of this plant

  • Alchemilla_conjuncta