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Dragon Tree.

Genus: Dracaena.

Species: Dracaena draco.

I bought a tiny rooted cutting in Tenerife 2003. It is now 4 feet high or so in a big pot in the conservatory. It is slow growing and long lived, some of the ones in Tenerife being some 500 yrs old. I let it dry out between watering and spray regularly around the stem/leaves. Called the Dragon tree as when it is cut it weeps bright red sap like blood. If global warming persists it will go in the garden!
N.B. two years later and the stem has suddenly spurted forward and is producing a flower much like a Cordyline. Apparently they split into two forks after flowering.
Beware of the red sap as it will sting.

Photos of this plant

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  • Dracena_draco_in_full_flower_