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Species: magellanica (Gunnera).

Maintenance: Gunnera manicata demands a virtually unlimited water supply in their growing season that's why it's ideally planted along the edge of a stream or a pond). Plant it right after the last frost in spring and add as much compost, well-rotted manure and slow-release fertilizer as possible to the soil. Even after the plant has settled in, massive amounts of compost, manure and fertilizer are needed.
Protection: Unprotected crowns can not survive temperatures below 18 degrees. The crowns of smaller varieties should be protected with dry mulch. The leaves of larger varieties should be cut off after the first hard frost. Inverted, the leaves provide excellent coverage for the resting crowns. Another method to help keep out moisture is to remove leaves after the frost, cover the crown with 20 inches of straw, cover with a burlap tarp, or large plastic container, such as a tub, and than add another 20 inches of straw. Seasoned wood chips or sawdust will work even better. After all danger of a hard freeze is gone, in late March or early April, protection can be removed. Then be sure to mulch the Gunnera plant.

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