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spotted them growing 140401 - Terratoonie ID'd them for me

got about half a dozen sizeable clumps showing now, and several single plants which will no doubt become clumps - and even some startng to show in my "Blue Garden" - like I needed any more!

150420: cleared most of bed 1, saved some f-g-ms in a couple of tubs, that should keep them in check. Bought some packs of mixed seeds, one of which turned out to be forget-me-not seeds - like I need any more!

Photos of this plant

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  • Blue_twos_140401_7_
  • Forget_me_not_140409_1_
  • Forget_me_not_140409_2_
  • Forget_me_not_140409_3_
  • Forget_me_not_150402
  • Forget_me_not_150410_1_
  • Forget_me_not_150416_tub