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Succulents - Hoodia gordonii

It has been named in honour of Van Hood, a keen succulent grower
while the species name comes from Col. R.F. Gordon (1743- 1795) who found it December 1778 in the Upington area.

It grows in the Kalahari desert in South Africa and Namibia. It is also found in the deserts of Botswana and Angola.

It grows in winter-rainfall regions in deep Kalahari sands, on dry stony slopes or flats often under the protection of xerophytic bushes.

It is pollinated by flies. This is referred to as myophily (pollination by flies). Myophily takes place in some of the following genera, Stapelia, Huernia and Ceropegia.

Life for a young Hoodia plant begins under the protection of a nurse plant. A nurse plant is a shrub under which the young plant germinates and grows, protected by its leaves and branches from the suns strong rays.

It is one of easiest species to grow but prone to root rot due to overwaterings and lack of fresh air.
Water normally in the growing season, sparsely in the winter. It is usually recommended to over-winter them in warm conditions (at 10° C)

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