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buddleia Black Knight

bought 140522, planted 140525

checked on Google, this plant apprently grows to 4 metres high and wide - would have thought twice about buying it if I'd known that before!

found a spot for it by the fence, sadly in one of the wind-tunnels, so I'd have to move it, even if I did'nt have plans for that bit of garden. Not sure if this is how it's supposed to grow - I thoguht it'd be more shrubby, rather than a few tall shoots - but I suppose it knows best!

Photos of this plant

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  • Buddleia_black_knight_140526_before
  • Buddleia_140622
  • Buddleia_140629
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  • Buddleia_140914
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  • Buddleia_black_knight_150214
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