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Goldfish plant

Genus: Nematanthus.

Species: Nematanthus gregarius.

I acquired this, as many of mine, from a propagation class at univ. Three years later I have this fantastic, big plant that I spend alot of time just staring at. Not a bloom yet, but some day, they are picky buggers.

Photos of this plant

  • Goldfish_spr_08
  • Old_man_0065
  • 2008_0725july16_july260008
  • 2008_0725july16_july260028
  • 2008_0725july16_july260027
  • 2008_0716june_july160092
  • 2008_0923sept21_sept230019
  • 2009_0204amaryllissanremofeb0027
  • 2009_0223february0002
  • 2009_1113april0092