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Streptocarpella 'concord blue'

Species: streptocarpella.

This little thing sprouts long stems with little purple violets at the end. Can turn into a substantial bush from what I have read. Mine has been leggy and a slow grower. Leaves like the african violets fuzzy and thick with a real appealing growth pattern of three leaves. Mine likes to bloom in fall mostly with enough light. Remember, fall in Fairbanks, AK is August, September.

Photos of this plant

  • Heart_viol_spr_08
  • Heart_violet_spr_08
  • Unk_violet_flower_2
  • Unkn_vlt_bloom
  • Unknown_in_sun_061408
  • 2008_0810aug1_aug100021
  • 2008_0810aug1_aug100022
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