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Pinus parviflora 'Bonnie Bergman'

Pinus parviflora 'Bergmanii'
Bergman Japanese White Pine
Categories: Dwarf Conifers
Bergman Japanese White Pine has attractive bluish-green foliage. The twisted needles are ornamentally significant but remain bluish-green through the winter.

More About Pinus parviflora 'Bergmanii'
A showy evergreen that in later years will develop a picturesque form
The needles twist and there are plenty of pretty red cones

Bergman Japanese White Pine will grow to be about 4 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 6 feet. It has a low canopy with a typical clearance of 5 feet from the ground. It grows at a slow rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live to a ripe old age of 120 years or more; think of this as a heritage tree for future generations!

4-8 ft
4-8 ft
Hardiness Zone:
(4) 5-8

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