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Genus: Passiflora.

Species: Passiflora caerulea.

From summer to autumn slightly fragrant bowl shaped white sometimes pink tinged flowers 7-10cm across with purple, blue and white zoned coronas. Rich green oblong leaves 10cm long divided almost to the base turning yellow and falling in autumn. Yellow fruits in hot summers. Use on walls fences to cover roofs and pergolas and up poles. Very useful for growing in conservatories.

Height and spread in 10 years 5 x 5m protrudes 30cm

Plant in full sun to very light shade on a wide range of soil conditions except extremely dry. Normally hardy.

Will need tying in for support. Every 5-6 years in early spring all branches can be cut to within 8cm of ground level and will quickly rejuvenate with better foliage and flowers.

Photos of this plant

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