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Salvia Hot Lips

This surprised me beautifully in the spring when it started to show some bright red flowers. The flowers steadily increased so there was a wonderful display of red throughout the plant. Then the flowers began to turn how you see them in the photograph, and some of them are even pure white now! It has been flowering continuously for months already and there are still new buds on it so there will be more to come.

The foliage is another delight as it is aromatic, something else that I enjoy immensely.

I had never come across a plant like this until my move here in December but it is now a definite favourite of mine.

I can also see that it is reproducing, so there are baby plants around it that I will be able to gift to friends.

What an absolute treasure of a plant! I am really happy to have it.

Photos of this plant

  • Salvia_hot_lips
  • Salvia_hot_lips_small