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Tree fern

Genus: Dicksonia.

Species: Dicksonia antarctica.

A tropical fern that takes the form of a tree. It has a shaggy trunk and ornamental foliage.
It’s a tough plant that grows in northern Queensland to Tasmania in the south.
Also known as the Tasmanian tree fern.
It’s natural habitat includes dense forests, under the canopy of trees. Filtered sunlight. Requires lots of moisture.
USDA zones 9-11.
Propagate by spores and cuttings. Neutral soil.
Slow grower, growing around 3-5cm annually. It can reach 12m in height in its natural habitat, with a tall trunk.
Should be grown in loose, well-drained soil, rich in compost or manure.
Position in full or partial shade, avoid full sun.
Hardy to 23F/-5C.
Protect from prolonged cold/frost. Avoid windy exposure sites.
Retain dying fronds in winter as this can protect the plant.
In summertime, spray/mist the trunk and fronds several times daily, if temp exceeds 20C.

Photos of this plant

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