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Primula scotica

Primula scotica

This large section, formerly known as Farinosae, is found right round the northern hemisphere, and also includes the one species from South America. The well-known British brid's-eye primrose, Primula farinosa, is a typical member of the section, with good heads of bright pink flowers over rosettes of leaves that are slightly mealy on the upper side and very mealy below.

Primula scotica is found wild only in Scotland, and is the only species of plant to claim that distinction, apart from some apomictic Sorbus. It is tiny; just little rosettes of grey-green leaves, and a short, upright stem with a few deep red-purple flowers with yellow eyes. It is usually monocarpic, but should be kept going from seed, provided you have several plants to ensure fertilisation. Well worth growing, and well worth and examining closely!

Quantity 7 cm pot
Width 10cm
Height 5cm
Family Primulaceae
Flowering Late spring
Habitat detail rock garden
Garden habitat Alpine winter / part shade summer
Soil well drained soil
Plant category Alpine
Height range 6 cm

Photos of this plant

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