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Genus: Solanum.

Species: Solanum lycopersicum.

I've grown tomatoes forever and enjoy trying out different varieties, in fact my daughter thought all tomatoes were yellow until she started school

In recent years blight has become a problem, more so now the likes of Dithane etc are not available to home gardeners
I now have to restrict myself to about a 6 plants in my unheated conservatory because outside will just perish with blight, despite using so called "resistant" ones

I save some of my own seed, and do try some saved from salad toms bought in supermarkets, the latter with mixed success due to seed variability

One I always grow is Balcony Yellow, using self saved seed, it never fails me

This year in addition to the above I'm trying

Mixed cherry, includes SuperSweet 100, Sungold & Apresa. I've used Sungold before, rest are new to me. Being mixed I'll not know what they are until they fruit. Seeds from Lidl

Mountain Magic. New one on me, trying because it is blight resistant, expensive trial, 5 seeds £3.99. I may put one outside. From T & M

Harzfeuer. Grew them last year, found it to be a good "doer", also supposed to be blight resistant. Using old seed left over in opened packet, use by 2018. From Lidl

Shirley. Growing as a reliable standby. I remember when this variety first arrived, way back in the 70s I think. It has stood the time test. Sown from opened 2016 packet. From Johnson's [at Wilko]

Sown in heated propagator, Sunday 24 Feb

Photos of this plant

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  • Tomatoes_industar_50mm_cropped_dec_2020