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Genus: Pyrus.

Species: Pyrus communis.

Variety is "Doyenne Du Comice" bought from Lild February 2012, planted in ground and more or less left to it's own unfruitful devices until 2017

Autumn 2017 it was racing ever skywards so I decided to tame it by pruning & training as espalier, this entailed removing everything above head height, including the leader

2018 it bore one bunch of blossom, but failed to set fruit [2018 was "Beast from the East" year]

April 2019 has more blossom and high hopes.
Next door's garden has a Concorde pear, which is listed as ideal pollinator

Photos of this plant

  • Pear_blossom2_april
  • Pear_blossom1_april