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Eryngium planum “ Blue Hobbit “

Genus: Eryngium.

Species: Eryngium planum.

This is a compact perennial, grows to about 30cm tall, with a clump of rounded basal leaves.
Erect, branched stems bear deeply-lobed, silvery blue-green, spiny leaves and small, blue, terminal flower heads with narrow, spiny bracts, 2.5cm long, in summer and early autumn.
Foliage deciduous, habit bushy.
Full sun, south or west facing. Sheltered exposure.
Well drained sand/chalk or loam soil.
H. 0.1m to 0.5m and W 0.1m to 0.5m.
Propagate by root cuttings in late winter or by division in spring.
Prone to root rot and powdery mildews.
Slugs and snails troublesome.
Good for wildlife.

Photos of this plant

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