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4. Side forsythia garden

This was my original attempt at gardening; only one forsythia was here. I bought some bulbs and scrounged some lilies from friends, then transplanted woodland plants just to fill it in. The birds like the bath near the shrubbery, and there is an old fir tree next ti it that lots of feeders hang in.

Photos of this plant

  • 2008_04_21_bird_garden
  • 2008_07_082_019
  • 2008_08_08_053
  • 2009_07_09_goy100
  • 2010_06_27_002
  • 2010_06_27_032
  • 2010_06_27_033
  • 2010_06_27a_012
  • 2010_07_27b_079