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Bidens [S]

Genus: Bidens.

Species: Bidens ferulifolia.

Planted 05.08 hanging baskets Bidens Golden Yellow
04.09 Shenstone hanging basket
Bought 08 Wilkinsons punnet of 4 £1.99 …. Buy one get one free
03.08 at Yarnton Nurseries, Oxon 69p for 1, ....

Category: Annuals & Biennials

Height: 0.50 m (50 cm)
Spread: 1.00 m (100 cm)

Form: Half-hardy annual
Hardiness: Hardy to -5C
Sun/Shade: Full sun
Soil Type: Moderately nutritious, moist but well drained.

In warmer climates this perennial plant can be grown all year round. In the U.K it is best to treat Bidens ferulifolia as a half-hardy annual.

Flowers: June - Oct
Colour: bright, golden-yellow

The foliage of Bidens ferulifolia is mid-green, finely divided and fern-like. Bidens ferulifolia is often used in hanging baskets and containers. Compact trailing habit, is ideal for basket planting schemes.

Position: full sun

For best results transplant plugs immediately into chosen container using multi-purpose compost. Plugs will benefit from early transplanting
Should transplanting be delayed open top of container and place in a light position avoiding direct sunlight.
Do not allow to dry out. .Add the gel supplied in the punnet to the compost to assist water retention.
The plants will require a warm windowsill with good natural light for growing on.

Established plants can be placed outside when all risk of frost has passed.on

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