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Bacopa Snowflake [V]

Genus: Bacopa.

Species: Bacopa.

Planted 05.08 hanging baskets
04.09 Vistabile front hanging basket
Bought 08 Wilkinsons punnet of 4 £1.99 …. Buy one get one free
09 ? Nursery near Oxford £0.69? for 1

Plant Type: Basket/patio

Classification: Tender Perennial

Size: 5cm x 90cm

Position: full sun / Any Aspect

Soil Condition: Well Drained

Hardiness: 1 ....9 ....... 12

A profusion of small white flowers are borne on long verdant stems, good ground cover, excellent trailer
Very attractive foliage plant with trailing stems and small white flowers. Perfect for providing simple contrast.

For best results transplant plugs immediately into chosen container using multi-purpose compost. Plugs will benefit from early transplanting.
Should transplanting be delayed open top of container and place in a light position avoiding direct sunlight.
Do not allow to dry out. Add the gel supplied in the punnet to the compost to assist water retention.
The plants will require a warm windowsill with good natural light for growing on.

Established plants can be placed outside when all risk of frost has passed.on

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