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Geranium macrorrhizum

This geranium, in its green leaved forms, is very drought tolerant - it is growing right under and against a hazel in my garden. But there is a variegated form that does not tolerate dry conditions

Photos of this plant

  • Geranium_macrorhizum
  • Geranimu_macrorhizum_snow_sprite_
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_2009
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_2010
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_snow_sprite_2010
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_snow_sprite_2011
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_snow_sprite_2012
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_snow_sprite_2014
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_snow_sprite_2016
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_snow_sprite_2017
  • Geranium_macrorrhizum_white_ness_2020