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Sumach Tree

Genus: Rhus.

Species: Rhus typhina.

bought from ebay 2007 october, planted in front of shed - in an attempt to try to cover it, only thing to watch is it can be a bit of a thug with succers will have to watch this. fully hardy in any part of the UK and able to withstand strong winds, not fussy with soil it will do sandy, clay waterlogging and drought, very easy to prune and shape. this is best done when the plant is dormant from december to march

full sun to half shade

feb 2008, i have swapped its location with the buddy rose. it is now in the corner of the red and blue bed. which i think is a much better place for it now that i have decided upon a rose arch for the entrance to the shed area. the rhus tree would just not look right next to this once it get taller. and it is far better suited to the corner of the bed.

Photos of this plant

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