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Peony (white) - Sarah Bernhardt

Re potted in Feb. Made shallower, nearer top of the pot. added some soil and dug over. Added pansies to surround it so pot has something else in it whilst it grows.
April 2008 - Shooting through (4/5 in) looking good
Aug 2008 didnt flower again, will find another spot perhaps. The pansies on other hand have done quite well and still going.

Clump forming perennial bearing large fragrant fully double flowers, excellent for cutting.
flowering may - july
height 3ft
spread 2ft in 5 years
position full sun to partial shade
soil - any reasonabl drained normal garden soil
planting water plant well and leave to stand . dig peat free multipurpose compsot and slow release general plant food into the planting area. Prepare a hole remove pot, postion plant so that top of root ball is level with the soil surface replace soil around root ball firm in a water well water regularly during the firest year. top drss in spring with peat free mutipurpose compst and slow release general pursoe plant food.
{epmoes ,au meed stalomg aom am e[psed sote [epmoes tjrove imdostirbed. tjere os mp meed tp ;ofee dovod amd re[;amt om ;ater uears/
pruning - cut back dead stems to ground level in early spring just before the new buds start to grow[eat cpmtetnt compost.

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