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Japanese Maple 'sango-kaku'

Genus: Acer.

Species: Acer palmatum.

AKA 'the coral bark' due to red shoots can reach 2.1m tall - bought from QD stores summer 2007 - have had a few problems with it but it is currently in right hand side bed near patio against the fence so should be well sheltered has combo of sun and shade - good soil??? see what happens next year!
nov 07 i think that the soil is too wet for it, so i have put it in a pot and i intend to plant it out the front in the raised bed it will be sheltered by the wall and should do well with the rhodos and azalieas - i think it will prefer acid soil. so it is currently in a pot standing next to the fence in a sheltered spot until the bed is ready.

April 08 - i have planted this in the corner of the front garden, next to the house where the holly hock was last year. should look great against the cream of the house!

Oct 08 did'nt do too well in the front garden i think too much sun not enough moisture at the base, so i have moved it into the newly revamped woodland area, near the trellis and evergreen shurbs so that it has plenty of shelter.

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