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Witch Hazel

Genus: Hamamelis.

Species: Hamamelis x intermedia.

fragrant spider shape frost resistant flowers in winter - origin woodlands, woodland margins and river banks in e.Asia & N.America. fully hardy - moist well drained soil - acidic to neutral full sun/semi shade open but not too exposed site
* Pest and diseases : honey fungus and coral spot can be a problem

i think i have the conditions for this spot on, i bought it from michael on ebay summer 2007 - i have planted it along the right hand fence under the apple tree from next door has all aspects that it like and it seems to be doing really well!

late march 2008 i have moved it from the woodland area into the corner of the red and blue area at the back, which still has dapled shade, but also it will have more room here. and will cover the ugly area much quicker than the Camellia. i think it would have eventually got too big and looked out of place.

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