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Genus: Bougainvillea.

Species: Bougainvillea.

Bougainvillea is an evergreen vine, which is happy growing up in almost any situation. Bougainvillea produces a wide color range of bracts - red, pink, violet, orange, white and purple are the most common. Bougainvillea will bloom throughout the year, most heavily in the winter and spring months. The colorful, papery "blooms" are not flowers; they are bracts, which will appear on the ends of new growth. The true flower is white and trumpet shaped, concealed within the bracts.
Bougainvillea is a warm weather plant; they must be protected from frost. Water freely spring to autumn, keep almost dry in winter.

I transplanted this plant in July 2008 from a container to an area along the wall in the east side of my front yard. So far it's still going strong. I hope it's not too windy where I planted it.

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