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Genus: Dahlia.

Species: Dahlia.

Together with gladioli, lillies, and begonia, the dahlias are one of the most important and popular summer-flowering bulbs. Dahlias are widely cultivated due to the huge range of colours and flower types available, its many uses, and fairly easy cultivation. Dahlias prefer full sun and fertile, humus-rich, well drained soil with a pH of 5.5 - 7.0. Flowers range from 2" to more than 10" across. Dahlias are considered the backbone of the late-season border. Bedding dahlias are low growing and often treated as annuals, flowering from midsummer into autumn. They are useful in containers or in massed plantings. Dahlia blooms attract butterflies and are superb fresh cut flowers. Dahlias are heavy feeders, so pay attention to soil pH and fertility. Water deeply when the soil is dry. Tall cultivars may require staking. Install stakes early in the season to avoid impaling growing tubers later on. In cool climates, lift tubers when foliage has been damaged by a light frost, but be-
fore a heavy frost. Dust off the soil and let dry. Store tubers in a box or breathable container in vermiculite or dry sand and place in a cool well-ventilated, frost-free place.

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