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Sedum reflexum

Genus: Sedum.

Species: Sedum reflexum.

Synonym rupestre. (I don't know which species name is the most correct/up to date one). I am gradually replacing the small and scrappy bit of lawn on very thin soil on one side of my front garden, and I am using this as a very fast spreading groundcover there. All of it was grown from one single cutting piece in a year so it is astonishingly fast. Every piece will root readily. However, I don't think it will be so thuggish that it will creep over into the neighbour's side of the garden which has no boundary and is still lawn.

It is planted around Juniperus squamata 'Holger' as the sedum has needle-like leaves which are fairly similar in colour. As the juniper increases in size I shall take away the sedum. The only real disadvantage is that I've also planted some red valerian at the back of the same area, and the pink flowers are a colour clash with the acid yellow of the sedum when in flower. The sedum tends to look tattier after flowering anyway so I might be less inclined to allow it to flower next year.

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