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Iris foetidissima

Genus: Iris.

Species: Iris foetidissima.

I planted two, one was the species bought from the Wildlife Trust centre in East Dulwich and the other one was labelled 'Aurea' bought from a plant sale in the South London Botanical Institute open day.

Both are planted in probably the most inhospitable spot in the garden. Awful soil, south-facing yet shaded for much of the day except for a couple of hours when it gets baked. I wasn't having success growing anything there but they thrived and have increased a fair amount. Tough as old boots. I forget about it, then I notice and appreciate it in autumn when the bright seedheads open up.

Snails seem to love sitting on and hiding in the leaves but the tough texture of the leaves means they do little damage.

I have only noticed the 'roast beef' smell when picking off a yellowed leaf - not at all other times. Birds don't appear to bother with the berries in my garden. This year I'm having to stake all the seedheads as they're all so heavy they are just flopping on the ground.

Photos of this plant

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