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Juniperus squamata

Genus: Juniperus.

Species: Juniperus squamata.

Bought 2007. Not 100% sure if this is 'Holger' or 'Blue Carpet' as a group of identical-looking plants in the garden centre had two different labels. Still it did have some creamy-coloured new growth in spring which may indicate 'Holger'.

Groundcover for the grassy side of my front garden, to eventually replace a small area of lawn. They have been growing at a reasonable rate and it seems to be working out well, although there was a small amount of dieback in the middle of one. Sedum reflexum is planted around it, to be removed as the juniper spreads out more.

I recall reading somewhere that they need a bit of pruning to avoid the dieback, so I'll do that.

Photos of this plant