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Hi, I'm newish to gardening. I moved from Malta in 2003 and lived in student digs and a eventually a tiny flat for a while so I only had the odd house plant. We bought a house 2 years ago and we have a back and front garden. So I've gone from none to BIG (in my books anyway). The house had an established garden. The front garden was well maintained and in good shape except for the beautiful but tired looking Hawthorn. The back garden had been left to overgrow badly however and we have just about managed to reclaim it. Its a matter of trial and error at times and learning as I go along with a helping hand from ole google .... so here I am to learn more :)

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  • Pink Hawthorn (Crataegus rosea flore plano)
  • Scabious Blue Butterfly (Scabiosa africana (African Scabious))
  • Rhododendrons
  • Rhododendron

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