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A safe killer?


Have just read Bamboo’s informative blog on treating tree stumps. I used ‘rootout’ about 2mths ago to treat about 30 wee stumps after clearing a single goat willow. I drilled, filled and covered. Some new growth started coming out the ground between the stumps but after a week or two they died off. So its fingers crossed. The pic shows the treated tree, all these stumps are from one tree that had been grazed hence the spread.
The second photo is of an untreated tree a metre away form the other. You can clearly see how well its recovering. Also note how the grass has returned now the ground has been exposed to sunlight again. My point being that either a little crystal spillage or seepage from the stumps appears to have affected the ground around the treated stump.

But, I need to clear a lot more goat willow that is choking a stream that not only drains our garden but also feeds a natural pool with fish etc. Access is non existent and as the new growth appears everywhere grinding the many stumps will not stop the roots from shooting.
SO, is there a killer safe to use near water. Im not just thinking of spillages but also of ingress through the soil.


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You have my sympathy. We had a copse of huge willows I loved them the blue bells, cowslips and wild life etc. Because the roots were as big as the trunks and had appeared in the front garden (can travel 150 feet and go under houses). We had to get 2 specialists to advise us we had to have the whole back garden dug up the patio etc.and the front lawn and 30 of theses willows removed. Very expensive buisness but fortuneatly the NHBC and our insurance company were happy to advised us. This part of the garden still has a long way to go but at least the stumps have gone - about 3 left. So good luck to you. Lot of work for you!

4 Sep, 2009


Wow, I feel I'm being somewhat petty upon reading of the disruption you had, sounds horrific, it must have been so disheartening.
These are relitively small with the nearest being around 50 ft from the house so I'll pursue this before they can get that far and strong. I'll try digging them out by hand if no 'safe' killer can be found.
Thanks for the advise/warning.

5 Sep, 2009


No you are not, it is a problem. There is a question on this site 5th January 2008 advising someone to get rid of a weeping Willow. Over 400 species so most people do not realise what some can do. They grow so fast . We had 30 large trees and the roots were as big as the trunks half of it above the ground Nearly broke my heart at the time that's why we got in more than one expensive expert to make sure before we did anything. They still come up as young shoots occassionally but I am on to them. If you get in touch with the waterways/river authority they may be able to help as goat willow can be a real problem to them.

5 Sep, 2009


I sense that you type this in real ernest. I will not take this issue lightly, I would be silly not to heed advice offered from experience.
Good idea to contact the water folk. Thanks.

5 Sep, 2009


Painting on herbicide with a sponge brush is safer and specific, rather than spraying. There is a systemic called "Garland(e?)" in US but when I googled for info all I got was brutal sex sites!! I am so out of it, I don't even want to know.

23 Sep, 2009


ummmm, yes its is quite shocking what can come up online while on what we consider an innocent search!
I used 'Root Out' in crystal form, I poured it into holes I drilled into each stump. I then covered it with polythene so animals or birds would not get to it. Spraying is to random for my liking with such a strong chemical. I have since found out the 'Root out' is now banned as a killer but is still sold as a compost accelerator! I came across a forum that had discussed this issue where quite a few people were obviously intending to purchase some to use as a killer, it was all very scientific but if their facts are correct I think they have a point. Must find out more. Will also attempt to search out the 'Garland' you mentioned Orgratis.
G night

23 Sep, 2009

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