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Tree stump ... need to remove it!


I have a tree stump on my allotment and we’ve tried tunnelling out to find the root ends but some are over 6ft long and then going down!
We’ve though of chopping the roots away and hopefully the stump will come out, but we are unsure if we can get to some of the root’s if they are going to the neighbouring plot.
Would prefer not to use chemicals.
Any suggestions please!

Can’t seem to upload photo?

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Yes drill big holes deep as you can and tip baking soda or Epsom salts inside the holes.

Or by burning it out.

5 Sep, 2018


I loved the burning video (except for the music) but it got lots of poor reviews. I kept wondering how the chap managed not to fall in the river...

6 Sep, 2018


I have added this to Favourites as it is good to know.

6 Sep, 2018


Lol Streragram nor me I was thinking the same how he did nt fall in I don't know why they put music on some videos it spoils it. I know rock salt kills trees but not sure if it gets rid of the stump only down side to rock salt you would never be able to grow any thing near it.

6 Sep, 2018


Yes it is handy Linda thanks.

6 Sep, 2018


You could hire a stump grinder which will take it out. Also you will not get the fungi problem you can get when a tree stump is left to rot which can take many years.

7 Sep, 2018


I've used the stump grinder as Drc suggested. It's quick, clean with no lingering side effects.

7 Sep, 2018


Yes they are great, but they don't get the roots out, which is what the question was asking. Wee stump ground a large sycamore which has still sent up suckers all round
for some distance away.

7 Sep, 2018


Seems like they really want the stump out. The roots, in my experience, just decompose back into the ground. Suckers? Never had an issue with suckers - not from a dead tree stump.

7 Sep, 2018


Only sycamores seem to do this, here at any rate.

8 Sep, 2018


Just to let everyone know that my neighbour who has a plot next but 1 cut it out with a saw!
Yes there probably are a few bit's of root underground but I'm digging them out when I dig.
Thank you for all of your support and suggestions, it means a lot.

Half way dug now and pruned back the plum tree alot as it needed it.
Somebody said paint creosote on the ends of the branches which have been cut. Is this true?

Fixed guttering onto shed and used an old waterbutt.

Ordering thick black plastic today.

Thank you once again.

19 Sep, 2018


I'd call it done.

19 Sep, 2018


Don't use creosote - its been found to do more harm than good the cut will heal itself. Another time do it in spring though.

19 Sep, 2018

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