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Close up of some of my birthday flowers.

I received a lovely bunch of deep pink roses and an autumnal bouquet of mixed flowers...



29 Nov, 2020

Winter pots

I planted up two pots for winter decoration and put them by the front door, using...



29 Nov, 2020

Goodbye Autumn

My favourite season is almost over and so here are a few snaps that I have been taking...



28 Nov, 2020

First frosts and water droplets.

First hints of winter this morning. Spider webs on yews. On planters. On holly. Iced...



27 Nov, 2020

Garden ornaments for Anget

Klahanie. Driving down our woodsy road one can see a white rabbit sitting in a tree...



26 Nov, 2020

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I noticed these in flower in our garden today, very strange!


Your flowers are beautiful, you must have been very pleased to receive them.

Glad you had a very happy birthday and made the most of what was available!!!


This is a beauty, love the name too - it’s so very apt!


Thanks again, Shirley! Sounds like he enjoyed his birthday too, no matter what! He’ll relish looking at the bargains to be had as it was Black Friday!
OH and I had take away fish n chips and a bottle of nice wine! No much else to do really! However, it was thoroughly enjoyed! Most of the morning was taken up with phone calls and messages. Last year, we’d planned a weekend at the Lakes, but, as the virus has been with us for the most of the year, I’d gotten used to the idea ages ago of having a quiet birthday.


Thanks Sheila and Chris . . . I have noticed many nurseries/companies are now selling it. I dead-head it regularly and it is blooming really well.


Congratulations Kate on your 50th! Yes, he and Faye (d-in-law) took little one to school and then got a take-out bacon butty with a coffee and strolled along Worthing seafront! Most family and friends gave him gift vouchers which, he told me later, were great as it was 'Black Friday' and the reductions were amazing.

Just a shame he couldn't go out to celebrate.

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