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Mad March 2020 !!!!! Its getting pretty in the garden though ....

As it is with most of us. we are in isolation, only going beyond our front gate for...



31 Mar, 2020

Frustrating times ...

With the restrictions now in place to try to prevent further spread of the COVID-19...



31 Mar, 2020

Back working in the garden. Well, where else can we go?

I have been working in the garden most of the year, mainly tidying. Now at last the...



30 Mar, 2020

The battle is continuing.

With this last week being dry and sunny in East Yorkshire I have continued waging...



29 Mar, 2020

TV Programme

Just a note to recommend Mexico: Earth's Fesitval of Life, a programme which was...

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29 Mar, 2020

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haha yes I do don't I.
It has been really cold the last 3 days but I have still been out and about in the garden and greenhouse. I have had a slightly chesty cough for 3 weeks now and I am wondering if it is the compost or even pollen starting hay-fever off. I had though it was the wadding in the quilt I was doing. But I've not done any sewing since but its not gone away.

Sorry you are having to deal with GE. The variegated one is often for sale as a good ground cover. The RHS book says spread - unlimited!


Fantastic, Aleyna! What a perfect hobby or job! I love lavender and I love the way you’ve captured this lavender in a pretty basket..

On photo - Lavender harvest


As a Dutch national I just love the tulips! So pretty!!! Also love your front door.

On photo - Mixed tulips.


Lovely! Looks very pretty at your front door, Julia..your door is the same colour as mine. We have an oblong window.

On photo - Mixed tulips.


Most definitely, Thrup. A moment of reflection in these times.
Hope you are keeping well!


It is isn’t it, Thrup..fingers crossed they flourish and grow.
I do hope so, Dd..need to keep busy.

On photo - Seeds to sow

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