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Pesky Pidgeons

A decade ago 2 lovely collard Doves used to court in our garden, a delight to watch....



16 May, 2021

Trip to plant nursery

My son took me to a couple of plant nurseries on Friday morning where he offered...



15 May, 2021

Weather is silly but the gardens are loving it.....

That is my polite way of putting it.....Honestly it went from the sublime to the...



15 May, 2021

Shortest 'cowslip' blog ever!

Went for a walk wiith OH yesterday in the late afternoon to a local nature reserve....



15 May, 2021

Favourite ferns unfurling..

Took several snaps yesterday and today of some of the ferns in the garden waking...



14 May, 2021

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I have one of these beauties too, it’s a fabulous plant and keeps itself in a nice shape, very well behaved ! I love the colour and living in Scotland it tolerates the hard frost well, so pleased with it. I’m positive it would provide excellent shelter underneath it’s foliage for garden visitors 😀


Would it not even be a health and safety issue ? Heaven forbid but if you can’t open your window if there was ever a fire in the building ! ? Hope you get definite advice about that !


You are now spot-on Suffolktony! May I suggest to you a smaller fish that will remain small and do well in an outdoor environment such as Gambusia aka Mosquito fish. Goldfish though purchased small will not remain small thereby increasing the oxygen demand. If goldfish, then purchase no more than two. They like company. I live in the USA so I don’t know how available Gambusia are in the UK but if you can get them 5 to 8 would be alright. With pond pumps you will find that you will have to clean the string algae off them once a week so get a pump that can easily be accessed and the strainer cleaned. If run by house current make sure you have Ground Fault Protection even though you will pull the plug any time you place your hands into the pond. Do not place any algicide into your pond for you will kill not only the string algae but the precious biofilm established in the pond. If done, the fast drop in oxygen dissolved in the water will kill any fish in a matter of hours. Do not make the mistake of having the goal of attaining pristine crystal clear water....that is for drinking glasses and definitely not for ponds. Keep in mind that in order to have a good ecosystem the unseen microbial life in your pond must be maintained too. Very Best Regards: LS


it is indeed one of the native plantains. Plantago media [hoary plantain] probably.

easy to dig out using a knife/daisy grubber to 'gouge' it out leaving very little damage to the grass.


welcome to GoY
My understanding is that the simple answer is no they cannot do anything like that. but check via citizen advice.

One website says if you have concerns about what is being proposed ring/email the local council and ask for advice. This should be free basic advice.

Could planting climbers or extra screening in your garden be a solution to the problem. Does the shed alter a view they enjoyed from their property. If that is the case and you didn't need planning permission for your shed they have 'no right to view/light'. we have had 2 houses built in the fields behind us and we have no right to view/light from the development as they are far enough away from our boundary.


From what I have read they could well have been eggs on the vine when you bought it.
at least it wont affect the fruit.

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