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Hippeastrum ‘Rilona’ Update

Well, she has grown tall, and now she is flowering. And what a beauty! I love this...



21 Nov, 2019

Easy way to grow Herbs.

The supermarkets have pots of Parsley, Thyme and other Herbs now, well rooted for...



20 Nov, 2019

Hello From Dawn

Hello :-) I’ve not been around for a while but here I am now :-) I’ve been busy in...



16 Nov, 2019

I'm back!

Good to be back to gardening properly again after knee surgery last December-and...



14 Nov, 2019

November garden

I have been meaning to write a blog for a couple of weeks, really just as a record...



14 Nov, 2019

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I agree, I enjoy the changes each season brings


Wow! I can't believe jade would be affected. In 1990 I know some which were badly burned; however, others weren't even fazed!

The weather here has been very crazy here! It was in the 90's here last Saturday through Monday, then in the mid-80's on Tuesday morning. By Tuesday evening it was in the 70's and pouring rain! We had 2.5 inches of rain here and some places had 4.5 inches of rain around San Diego County (and not in the mountains, either). Today the high was only 66 degrees! BRRR!

The mango trees here are flowering, it's really bad timing for rain, for mango flowers, anyway. We so desperately need the rain, though.


Yes it is. About half a dozen times during the last month. There's an oak tree four doors away so it's probably after the acorns

On photo - Garden visitor


Is it in your pond?

On photo - Garden visitor


I have a dendrobium nobile ( B&Q) for 2 years. I managed to get it to flower again in spring/summer just gone. It is now in a cold light garage as per instructions on the website below. Note there are different dendrobiums so you may need to try and identify yours first before following instructions. see website hope it helps.


My Variegated Holly,Golden King,has dropped lots of leaves this year,so I was quite concerned,as I haven't seen it lose that amount in the 18 years since it was planted.It's never looked so sparse,but the amount of Berries it's produced are fantastic ..I wonder if there is some reason ,as to why this has happened ?

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