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It doesn't take much to excite me these days and today was no exception. After changing...

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12 Jul, 2020


This is the result of the frost that happened 4 days ago. Another frost is scheduled...



12 Jul, 2020

Listening to the cricket on the radio!

I am sitting by the kitchen door in the sunshine listening to Phil Tuffnell making...



12 Jul, 2020

July 2020

just some pics , hope you're all keeping well GOY Gardeners :-) Thank...



12 Jul, 2020

Garden in full bloom

After my earlier blog asking for advice on overstuffed borders, I thought it would...



11 Jul, 2020

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it's the exact opposite here in Eastern Canada... it's been sweltering since the end of June... and recent days have seen thunderstorms and a slight cooling, but this afternoon we're back in the 30's. Last two summers we had very few days in 30' far we're setting records. I'll gladly send some of our heat your way!

On photo - Lady Emma Hamilton


I'm getting quite a lot of this as well, courtesy of the National Collection of Weeds next door


yes, that it is, Kate. I've evolved from a town garden of less than an acre to almost 8 acres. I've been trying to pull it all together for a while now. Have started using mostly NA native plants but I have plenty of room to collect what ever I fancy. our "instant" summer has arrived and it is moist and hot and everything is charging ahead.


Yorkshire tea bags which we have used for years don't break down in my compost bin. I have always thought they are plastic. Organic ones do break down but I just empty them anyway.


it was leaking and didn't hold enough water to protect my nymphaea in the winter. I drained it and dug the hole deeper and lined it with rocks, cleaned and patched the liner and now I'm going to fill it and put the plants back in.. checked it out this morning and there is already a little frog in it!


Does it say on the bag what its made of?

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