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Bees and Hoverflies

are loving the Sedums in the garden ... Helianthus 'Lemon Queen' is another flower...



14 Sep, 2019

Colour left in my garden

My main borders are a mess so I'm showing only my good bits Rather like this fuchsia,...



14 Sep, 2019

Another project.

I know I haven’t been around for a while(due to ill health) but I have been gardening...



13 Sep, 2019

Some pretties flowering on my birthday 12th Sept

Flowering at the moment Been looking out for this one Aster Violetta not done...



13 Sep, 2019

2 Amaryllidaceae

After several months of neglect, I have 2 members of the Amaryllidaceae family coming...



12 Sep, 2019

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Thanks D, we have a Wilko a couple of miles away.

On question - Sorry, toms again


My fig trees have recovered and are growing well after transplanting 2 years ago.😀

On photo - Fig trees


No idea how to resize Sg lol:-)


Sounds like they are greenfly. At this time of year they are producing winged males and females so they can lay over wintering eggs.

any chance of a photo sunbeam.


just had a go with a photo from an email and one from my camera card.
when I have resized it I then go to the close x button top right. it then asks me if I want to save. I say yes then it allows me to chose the folder and give it a new name.

yes a young person will do it in a jiffy.


yes repot into bigger pots. you can do it now as they are in pots. you don't say how big the camellias are but I would certainly go for 12" pots with fresh ericaceous compost.
you will get the odd yellowing leaves through out the year this is normal.
don't let them dry out.

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