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Decision time

In February 2012, I was offered a 'flat-pack' greenhouse, 8′ x 6′ with...



30 Jul, 2021

New bin area.

Finally we don't have to drag the 2 greenbins down the steep drive fortnightly.....with...



29 Jul, 2021

Still going with the border clearing!

We're still at it! There's been quite an effort over the last couple of days and...



29 Jul, 2021

V. Mini Blog- Echinacea

I have 2 varieties of Echinacea which i grow in the sunny front garden. Grown from...



28 Jul, 2021


Surprise flowering of my Clematis Viticella Plena Elegance. After 3 years i had given...



26 Jul, 2021

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Wonderful photo Linda 🙂.

On photo - Heron seen today.


I think we call them crickets… great capture! At first I thought ‘praying mantis’ but glad it’s not …

On photo - Katydid


I know what you mean Shirley, as I only had a plastic mini Greenhouse ,well two actually,but I kept the staging from the old one,which I keep in the loft,till needed ,and stand it in the Conservatory over winter ..
I feel now,that I don't need anything bigger,but Hywel has a valid point too.Depends how much you space you would be comfortable with..

If it were me,I would go smaller,but maybe get some kind of a long bench to put on one side ,which would be great for storage,and potting up etc.maybe a pasting table,plastic patio table(oblong ) if you have a look on freecycle or similar? We have an old door as a bench,in our shed,which is ideal..
Seed sowing is minimal for me now, but I still enjoy doing a few,and I still like to take cuttings,but I do buy more bedding plants these days,and have no space or need,for anymore shrubs,so it works for me :o)
I still have a very ancient cold frame,but I only use it to store pots in over winter, and some tender plants for protection till frosts have finished, as an overflow if my Staging indoors is full to capacity ! xx

On blog - Decision time


It only stopped raining briefly,this afternoon,and we have been given an yellow Weather warning for parts of Yorkshire tonight and tomorrow..oh goody !! Its been pretty chilly too.Gas fire on ,and a jumper ! Sorry about your plants,Shirley ,and Balcony.I decided to stake some of mine ,just in case,and touch wood,they are still upright,but leaning :o)


I PMed Homebird yesterday but she may never see the PM!

Good to hear she hasn't actually left us but has opened a new account!

It's been very windy here but we haven't had a great deal of rain nor have we had any thunderstorms. We have had a couple of showers, the first quite heavy & lasted perhaps 15 mins. Then another, not as heavy, which lasted perhaps 5 mins. Wind seems to be dying down, but the temps have taken a tumble! 😞

So much rain the last few days that my Petunias have been ruined! I hope they pick up again with a few days of calm!


We can only hope so, Shirley! I've already killed a few plants so far this year through overwatering! 😞

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