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It's been another 'clearout day'.

We have had these mostly RHS decorative plates since the 80's and 90's, and for the...



29 Nov, 2023

Garden is ready for Jack Frost!

As the weather is becoming colder and frosts are likely overnight this week I spent...



29 Nov, 2023

Garden center event 2023

Our closest garden center had an annual pre- Christmas event. I think they put it...



27 Nov, 2023

Mini blog again! No photos sorry.An unusual Saturday.

Saturdays are usually spent gardening here but with the freezing conditions outside...



25 Nov, 2023

Garden Season Over in central Ontario

By John Beaulieu (pronounced BOWL-you) We have had day-time temperatures in the single...



24 Nov, 2023

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Thank you all :)

I've got several of the green ones too, they are very slow growers.


Thanks for all your comments :)

I've had these for many years Delonix, they root easilly from cuttings.

On photo - Iresine herbstii


Thank you all :)

I've got several of these Delonix, they seem to tollerate being hot and dry and can also live quite happily outside in our Welsh rain :)


It is hard, Karen. I gave lots of ours to the daughter already so doubt she will want anymore.

Mostly I don't find decluttering difficult, Paul, it's the OH who makes me put the breaks on. We'd be minimalists if it were up to me! (Apart from houseplants, of course...)

They do represent British an European gardens, Klahanie, but mostly RHS ones in the UK. If I remember rightly they used to produce 1 or 2 a year for certain anniversaries.

Shirley, I think individually they are worth a few pounds each. Might be a bit more as a bigger collection, I suppose. Certainly nowhere near as much as they cost to buy!!


very impressive .

On photo - Still hanging on!


Looking very nice Shirley , It takes a lot of sorting out the garden . Moving things are best from Oct-Feb depending on milder days . Never most in frost , I usually keep what I move by digging hole twice as big as root ball, nice soft soil and really drowing it on milder day with also my own made kitchen veg and whatever in composter, it soon gets going again .

Your garden looks very nice, and tidy

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