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Autumnal berries around the garden

Holly, cotoneaster, pyracantha and hypericum. I think the names are all correct.. Some...



25 Sep, 2020

New Garden

I thought you might like to see what we have been doing for the last 2 years (nearly)....

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25 Sep, 2020

En route to Yelverton we stopped at Chagford.

Chagford is a small , picturesque town in Devon on the north east of Dartmoor. In...



22 Sep, 2020

This is what we have been up to over the summer!

I am sorry I haven’t been commenting and posting much this summer but I would like...



22 Sep, 2020

Pear rust has arrived

Over the summer I have watched as my pear gradually developed brown spots on some...



21 Sep, 2020

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Hello there Ob, so good to see a blog from you, I've been waiting to see your garden, I so loved the last one which if you remember I always likened it to an estate, you still have a big garden from what I can see, has some well established shrubs and trees, I'm looking forward to seeing you put your own stamp on it Ob, take care now but most of all stay safe , healthy, happy and enjoy your new garden...

On blog - New Garden


The Marigolds are real troopers. Nothing ever bothers them, except the cold.

On photo - Marigolds


I quite like it. That's why I inquired. I am sure you will be pleased with it.


Aw thank you Rose, that’s lovely - bet it brought back some fond memories too. 😊


Thanks Rose...haven't seen you for awhile...hope all is ok.


Your garden is lovely Julia and I like this area!

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