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It’s just TOO hot!!!

Today I have done next to nothing because it really is just too hot!!! So I have...



11 Aug, 2022

Wales girl update. .

Hi y'all. Hope everyone's fine and enjoying gardening in the heat 🥵 Not much to...



8 Aug, 2022

Lotus hirsutus

Lotus hirsutus is a small glaucus leaved shrub. I grew from seed flowered in June....



7 Aug, 2022

So upset

A Honeysuckle in my garden grows over our fence and has a magnificent show every...



5 Aug, 2022

Sorry it's been so long

Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Today when I was looking at my lavender, thinking,...



5 Aug, 2022

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lovely blog and I remember that garden well.
on the news today Yorkshire water are imposing a hosepipe ban on the 26th. So I will also be putting the hosepipe into the garage just so it is out of sight. I haven't been using it for a while now. I have been using the washing up water for weeks now.

Due to have some rain next week so fingers crossed.


our Cotoneaster horizontalis is also swarming with wasps and flies and they appear to be feeding on the secretions from the plant. I have stood watching them for some time and the odd wasp is grabbing and eating flies.


I’m going to give them away. I have no room for a big loquat tree. They grow very large, very fast.


It does look very healthy for being such a neglected plant. I’ll probably give them away.

I have Jacarada trees, Norfolk Island pine trees, Fig trees, along with Lantana always popping up in my yard from the birds. Last year a Bird-of-Paradise (Strelitzia reginae) popped up and two years ago an umbrella tree (Schefflera actinophyllum) popped up. It’s 7 ft tall now.


My neighbor has large ones growing in their backyard. They must have been there for many decades. All these seedlings in my yard I’m sure are from those big plants.

I’ve only seen it bloom once a year here. The one in with my Megaskepasma popped up 5 years ago.


I agree with Sheila!!
Looks so very pretty.

On photo - Teddy, cooling off.

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