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On this page you'll find thoughts, advice and photos all about patio furniture. Everything you find here comes from real gardens and gardeners who are part of the Grows on You community.

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Latest photos of patio furniture

  • Seating on the deck
  • Lovely view from the deck
  • Love Seat on Patio
  • The Sun Shone Yesterday ......

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We have 172 photos of patio furniture

These photos are from real gardens by real gardeners! Just click on one to start exploring in slideshow format, or you can browse 16 at a time.

  • corner of the patio 2007
  • Wit's End - third seating area
  • Kitchen Patio
  • Some sunshine at last.....phew..still showery though..
  • this Arbour  was new as well last year
  • veilchenblau roses
  • My New Feature
  • Garden Patio

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