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home make pumpkin container

home make pumpkin container

I had no room for my granchildren to grow there pumpkins for october, so we make a big container the kids lov it.

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Great idea. Am I too late to start growing pumpkin seeds? Just thinking....if I could start them off at home now we could grow them on at the school gardening club in September :-) and would they be big enough for october without any cover, we don't have a school greenhouse to boost them on?

5 Aug, 2008


Hi Joannie,
This is all new to me so i've just read the packet,last sow out doors was may, to harvest in september, sorry! but i need not start mine until late june, so i hope something grows, i have told my grandchildren they may no be very big, but you kids they just love to plant, and i cant say NO.

5 Aug, 2008


I should learn to prove read before i submit, my spelling is rubbish.Sorrrrry

5 Aug, 2008


That's ok, I actually sent a message to somebody in America this morning referring to the bad summer weather thinking they lived in the west midlands! He'll think I'm going mad... could be right :-)

5 Aug, 2008


I really like this, and what you're doing for the children, Pepperpot. Good Luck with them.

7 Aug, 2008


Thanks David,
They can be hard work if i hav'nt got something for them to do in the garden, because they have no garden, they live in a ground floor flat, So i always try to find things for them to do when the come, Which is every
Saturday, If the weather is bad we make plaster mouldings and badges,
and paint them.This a messy job but fun. but they would rather be outside. there ages are 9yrs,5 and 3

8 Aug, 2008


here's an idea 4U, Pepperpot, for all 3 children - Cress Caterpilllars! You need to save egg boxes, and cut into strips of 3 or 4. The children paint their strips with poster paint in green. (this paint drys quickly, depending on how soggy they get, lol, but dry quickly near or on a radiator). If you use cardboard eggboxes, line with cling film, b4 filling with damp toilet paper, kitchen paper, or cotton wool. Sprinkle on some cress seed (as little as 29p a packet from outlets such as Lidl). I usually have a box of craft materials, which includes coloured pipe cleaners and wiggly eyes ( as little as £2 from outlets such as "Stationery Box"). It is fun to add details such as antennae and eyes, also black spots on the green. You can complete the whole caterpillar in a morning or afternoon, place on a light windowsill, and, by the next Saturday, your grandchildren should have a furry, strokeable, caterpillar, ready for egg and cress sannies!! I've done this one b4 on a rainy day, and with gr8 success (can't find the pics right now). Hope you like this! X

9 Aug, 2008


Great Ideal David,
I shall get some egg boxs, and cress seed, I also have acraft box full of
bits and bobs, and paints, so thats something i can do with them, next weekend. Manythanks x

10 Aug, 2008


What a great idea.

23 Oct, 2009

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