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Bougainvillea Blooming


At a time when everyone’s attention is outdoors as the weather is glorious, I thought I would spend a moment of your time while I brag about my bougainvillea!
This particular plant in my conservatory was raised from a tiny plant about 10 inches high and has been potted on a few times; it is now so big I cannot repot it as I could never afford those giant planters you see in Kew gardens and the like, nor could I lift it into a new pot. Anyway it doesn’t seem to matter too much as I take off the top soil every year and replace it with fresh compost and feed it weekly during the growing season.
Whatever I am doing it seems to be happy and flowers profusely twice a year. It is at its best right now and I just had to share it with someone. Funny how all of you out there in the wide world are now my solace when my family don’t even notice what is growing in the house or out of it!
That is the thing about gardening – you do have to share the results of your labours with an appreciative audience. Hope you like the photos.
I have put some more photos of the garden on

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Wow that looks sensational Gardenmad - I'm so used to seeing it outdoors over here, trailing along fences or growing up through tall trees. Your efforts at caring for it are obviously working - do you have much trouble with the thorns?

4 Jun, 2009


this is amazing they look like they have tiny flowers growing in the flowers, it really is fantastic.
all your efforts are much appreciated on here as I had never heard of this (alongs with milllions of other plants ) and has now gone on my wishlist

x x x

4 Jun, 2009


Oooooh, its lovely, well done you!

4 Jun, 2009


well done it looks great i have one in my garden but i bring it indoors in sep/oct

4 Jun, 2009


It is smashing I,m envious.............

4 Jun, 2009


What a beautiful sight - worth looking forward to a rainy day for.

4 Jun, 2009


Thanks for all the kind comments - it is lovely to see it flowering at its best; it reminds me of being on holiday in Lanzarote where they grow wild all over the place. I don't put this beast outside as I cannot carry it! but when we first moved here we didn't have a conservatory so it had to spend a winter in an unheated porch - all the leaves dropped off and we thought it was dead, but lo and behold - with the addition of water and sunshine it rose like a phoenix from the ashes.

4 Jun, 2009

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