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Baby blackbird


Earlier today I couldn’t help but notice there was a bit of a commotion going on in my greenhouse – I went out to investigate and found a baby blackbird in there.

Although the doors were open it was getting itself in a bit of a tizz and repeatedly bashing into the glass at the opposite end to the doors. I eventually got it out of the greenhouse and was relieved that its dad was around, making his own fuss about all the goings-on lol :o)

Problem solved I thought and got on with watering my tomatoes. But when I went back to the house, what did I find in the conservatory … the same baby blackbird! Honestly, dad blackbird you need to do better with teaching this one. Or maybe it just didn’t like the rain very much?

I tried staying out of the conservatory for a while to see if it’d find its own way out, but the poor thing was just getting itself in a tizz again, trying to fly into the same bit of glass over and over:

Eventually it wore itself out. Looking a bit sorry for itself here:

Given it had already pooed on my conservatory floor and windowsill and I didn’t fancy any more of that on my cream furniture cushions, I decided to try to pick it up and take it outside. It let me do that ok, so I put it on the lawn so I could watch it, as the neighbour’s cats have been prowling around my shrubs so I didn’t want to put it somewhere that it might be in any more danger. Plus, its dad was still around so would see it there.

It then sat on the grass for what felt like ages and I was worried it’d hurt its wing or something:

But eventually it sort-of-flew off into the shrubs:

Phew! I don’t know who was more stressed by it all, the baby, the dad, or me?!! All doors have now been closed until baby has learnt a bit more …

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What a big softie you are GG (I would have done the same) ;-))

16 Jul, 2012


Oh blimey I can imagine the kerfuffle, I would have been just the same, I lock my cats indoors when the babies birds are around to give them a chance, its like being on red alert all the time...

16 Jul, 2012


What a great story ! I loved the accompanying images of that little bird. You really made an effort to get it back into its environment - very protective of you. I bet Mr B' was pleased to see it was safe. Nice ending, the pic in the tree.

I have a baby Blackbird that has just appeared on the scene, under a large long hedge in my garden. Bearing in mind that I make a concerted effort to feed the birds in my garden and there are at least 3 couples of Blackbirds, I was delighted to see the offspring. That really makes it all worth while.

16 Jul, 2012


I'm glad it flew away in the end. Hope it's all right now.

17 Jul, 2012


I'm sure it will repay the favour somewhere down the line :-)

17 Jul, 2012


Sheila, I'm probably too much of a big softie for my own good sometimes, get too worried about them :o)

Lincslass, if I could get my hands on these cats I'd lock them indoors too!! Not sure my neighbour would appreciate it lol, but I hate having to listen to the distress they cause the birds...

Panthera, I hope your baby blackbird does ok, it's lovely to see the babies when you've been watching their parents come to your feeders isn't it?

Hywel, I saw this baby and its dad again briefly today so it's doing ok for now :o)

Muddy, as long as it grows up without causing me too much more stress that'll be just fine ;o))

17 Jul, 2012

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