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My Garden in August


August started with more rain (in case we hadn’t had enough already this summer!) and more flooding … this was on 5th Aug and 3 inches accumulated here in about half an hour:

And August ended with a bit more rain, and flooding, this was earlier today:

And that was it.

Only kidding, there was lots of good stuff in the middle :o)

And so on to the flowers. Early on in August the roses were flowering:

The begonias ‘Glowing Embers’ and persicarias ‘Taurus’ have finally got going:

My lovely lilies:

My newest addition, a verbena bonariensis ‘Lollipop’, with a couple of happy customers:

Some of my grapes are starting to ripen, but others are developing powdery mildew which I’m a bit upset about :(
I don’t think the weather’s helping!:

I have wild strawberries growing under my hedge which I thought the birds/mice/something would be keen on … but they’re not proving very popular. Oh well, they look pretty:

And some views of the garden, taken on the few occasions that I’ve been able to sit out and enjoy “Summer”:

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your garden looks beautiful, dont overlook those wee wild strawberries, they are sweet and lovely, i found wild ones growing in a dog poo area, i know a bit disgusting but i took a few runners off them and have loads of new plants, i love them x your lilies are beautiful, i have 1 tree lily flowering just now and imso tempted to cut it for the house

29 Aug, 2012


Wild strawberries are so delicious, though you do need several for a mouthful! Your garden seems to have survived the storms well - and how clever of the pots in the first pic to have put themselves just out of reach of the water!

29 Aug, 2012


Your garden is very pretty, I really like hat Begonia glowing embers, and Persicaria Taurus ... Pitty about your grapes having mildew. I hope it won't spread to tthem all.

30 Aug, 2012


Thank you :o)

Well I did a bit more research today Andrea and Steragram, and it turns out they're not actually wild strawberries, but wood strawberries/mock strawberries. They have yellow rather than white flowers and, sadly, don't taste very good! Which explains why the birds haven't eaten them ;o) I was a bit disappointed as I was going to try eating some, but I suppose at least I've learned something today instead!

I've been making some "adjustments" to my grapes Hywel to try and let more light and air get to them, fingers crossed that might help, but I don't really know what I'm doing with them!

30 Aug, 2012


Your garden is looking great GG. Lovely blooms. The rain has been relentless hasn't it.
I hope you get a remedy for your grapes. :)

30 Aug, 2012


Can't you eat them ...
My dad used to grow grapes but they were so sour they just got thrown away every year lol

31 Aug, 2012


Thanks Scottish! I think a sunny September is what would really do the trick ;o))

Hywel I tried one yesterday and these taste pretty sour at the moment too! ... though my neighbour says they do get really sweet when they ripen - or at least they did when the man who used to live here looked after them lol!

31 Aug, 2012


Lovely garden ... interesting variety of pics ..
enjoyed the blog :o)

29 Sep, 2012


Gorgeous garden, love all your pots.

1 Oct, 2012


Thanks Terra and Jane the pots just seem to keep multiplying ;o))

1 Oct, 2012

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