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My Garden in October


Despite the last few days being a bit cold (though no snow here luckily as I’m not ready for it yet!) October in my garden hasn’t been too bad, and overall I think I quite enjoyed it :)

There have been autumn berries



Snowberries and unknown berries in the beech hedge

Some autumn mushrooms

A few flowers still hanging on

The last of the begonias

Dahlias – the Bishop of Llandaff is still going now, the Honkas gave up a bit earlier and have been pulled up already

Heucherella ‘Sweet Tea’ – I’m surprised it’s still flowering, but it’s pretty with or without them really

Imperata cylindrica ‘Rubra’ taking on its red colour to full effect now

But it’s all over in the greenhouse, in they come

And this is still on-going (nothing happens very fast round here!) …

Annoyingly I left my fat ball bird feeder in the tall cotoneaster and now can’t get to it to re-fill it! … not that I seem to have many birds around at the moment. I’ve seen a robin and a coal tit on the seed feeder (that one’s not stuck the other side of a large hole in the ground) but that’s been about it …

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It still looks so good, have lots more colour than me,right now..although the Fuchsias and Pelargoniums are still holding their that first pic of the Cotoneaster..and that big blue thing in your last pic seems to be a good spreader ! Lol..I love blue in a garden :o)

28 Oct, 2012


Your garden has lots of autumn colour. It's interesting to see all your plants. They're nice and colourful :o)
I hope it won't be too long before that work can be finished.

28 Oct, 2012


Lol Bloomer, the blue thing is a bit of a thug, it's taken over! My pelargoniums haven't been happy this year at all, they've all been hiding in the greenhouse and conservatory.

Thank you Hywel, you couldn't exactly call my colours coordinated but at least there's lots of them ;o)

28 Oct, 2012


Never mind. Sometimes it's nice to see coordinated colours, and sometimes it's nice to see uncoordinated ones :o)

28 Oct, 2012


I'm loving that cotoneaster in the first picture Gg!!
You certainly do have things still holding on in there.
Smiled at Bloomers comments re your blue 'spreader' :)
Hope your birds come back soon Gg - a garden must seem rather empty without them!

28 Oct, 2012


I too just love that Cotoneaster in the first shot. The Begonia and the Imperata also caught my eye. Both are just beautiful. Delicious looking grapes and tomatoes too. What is going on with that lovely blue groundcover?

29 Oct, 2012


Hi Gem ...
Your garden is looking so colourful and pretty !
The begonia is stunning :o)

29 Oct, 2012


Thanks Scottish, Bernieh and Terra :o)

Scottish, I had one, just one, greenfinch today, but otherwise I am really missing them ... come back little birds!

Bernieh, the blue thing is covering a hole! I've been having drainage problems and had an old soakaway dug up in the hope that putting in a better one in the same spot might help ... but it's not going to work so I'm now waiting for more work to be done, and in the meantime the hole had to be covered because I was worried about something falling in and drowning ... !!!

Terra, the begonias are called 'Glowing Embers' which I think is a good name for them :)

29 Oct, 2012


Glowing Embers ... yes..great name :o)

29 Oct, 2012


Lovely colours there Gem, is the Imperata evergreen/red?

30 Oct, 2012


Thanks Annella :) It dies back over Winter, then in Spring the new shoots are more green, and then it turns more red as the year progresses.

30 Oct, 2012

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