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When I moved here earlier this year the only cats that came in my garden were unfriendly and miserable – they’d stalk about giving me such filthy looks :(

Then, a couple of months ago, a new face appeared.

Here she is, stuck up a tree

I don’t manage to get many photos of her as she won’t come near me and usually runs off. So most of my photos look like this

But I did manage to catch a snap of her on this occasion, up to no good

Ooh look, she’s made me a trampoline!

This is what was beneath the tarpaulin – the water was quite deep

I was so worried about drowning her that I had the cover taken off and all the water pumped out of the hole :0

But just of a couple of days later I caught her both on my roof and investigating this hole-with-a-makeshift-cover instead

… I worry about what she gets up to and she’s not even my cat :P


In the last couple of weeks I’ve had two new little visitors.

First was this one, a pretty grey cat with a white nose and paws. Here she was when I spotted her, under the bird feeder

Oh, a bit shy are we?

I’m not sure of you yet, I’ll just sit here

Maybe move round here

And roll about a bit

Oh, ok, now I’ll come over and say hello



And then yesterday, this little one turned up.


But keen to play

A game of pounce on the gloves

What are you doing over here?

I’ve found some mushrooms little cat

Mush-whats? … Squash

This looks like fun …

Ok, enough messing about, I’m out here to plant some tulips.

What, in here?

I’ll dig you a hole!

I said plant tulips, not make a cat’s toilet :0

Now where’ve you gone? Hmm, looks like we’re going to have to have a talk about the “no cats allowed in the greenhouse” rule

Help! She’s got me!

Ok, it’s not so bad after all

Awwwww :))

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A good mix of pics ! :o)

2 Nov, 2012


They are all gorgeous and she's a wee sweetie GG. Do you have a pet name for her or have you found out what her name is?

2 Nov, 2012


Awe inquizative, playful and cute

2 Nov, 2012


Lovely blog. I enjoyed it. I love cats, but strange ones wandering about wont come to me, they are so nervous.
You did well to get the pictures. Truffles and Co. have some opposition of a different kind !

Used to be said that animals dont like camera lenses pointed at them, the telephone system seems to be more effective.

3 Nov, 2012


I think that your new friendsknow that they are on to a good thing in your garden......must be a sign somewhere in catspeak saying that they are welcome pretty x

3 Nov, 2012


You have a friend for life I think lol :o)
Cats are so funny with their anticks, but don't feed them, or they might want to move in :O

3 Nov, 2012


Thank you Terra, Sixpence and Diane :)

No name yet Scottish, maybe I should call her Sweetie? It suits her :o)

Pam, I think my garden must seem like an adventure playground for a young cat, especially compared to my neighbours neat and well-maintained gardens lol!!!

Hywel, I'm not as generous as you lol she can go home for her tea, I'll just stick to borrowing her occasionally for games and cuddles :o))

3 Nov, 2012


Sounds ideal x

3 Nov, 2012


Looks like Rupert Bear's garden !
Do you remember in the Annuals there used to be a picture and you had to see how many cats were hidden around the garden ?
Some beautiful felines there , Geraniegem , and they are very interested in that pond .

3 Nov, 2012


Lets hope that saying 'Curiosity killed the cat' doesn't come true. lol. They both look so cute and look like they've made a new friend in their new playground. ;-0

3 Nov, 2012


Driad it could certainly be that! Though I'm not sure what would happen if all this lot turned up at once - chaos and fights I think ;o)

Lijemc, I hate to think how many of its 9 lives the first cat has used up already!

I bet none of them are enjoying the fireworks tonight though ...

3 Nov, 2012


A bevy of beautiful visitors - that grey one with the white socks is very unusual. Lucky you, I love cats, but don't have any now... and rarely see any close up where I live.

4 Nov, 2012


Thanks Bamboo :) Not so lucky today though ... today's activity for them was using my garden as a toilet, how lovely!

4 Nov, 2012


Hmm, yes, well there is that significant drawback! I spent one afternoon last week carefully placing cuttings from berberis stenophylla over the ground I'd just turned over which already resembled a cat toilet... thorny beast, B. stenophylla, should discourage them from leaving their presents, hopefully.

5 Nov, 2012


I put some pyracantha clippings down in a problem-area earlier in the year which seemed to work quite well, but with all the work I've got going on in the garden at the moment there's so much soil piled up everywhere (it's now worse than in these pics) it's a bit of an invitation really!

5 Nov, 2012

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