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Next years plants.


Just a quick blog about my plant nursery.
No, not a place to sell plants but my young plants and seedlings.

I have been collecting seedlings from the garden over the past few weeks as I have some spaces to fill in the borders at church and also I want to make sure that I have some spares just in case.

I have quite a few more to collect when I get the time.

The next photo is of a seedling I found growing a few weeks ago. It has variegated leaves.
I don’t have any geraniums with variegated leaves other than the naturally variegated ones, and it isn’t one of these.

I am looking forward to seeing the flower colour.
Will it be a new and exciting hybrid?

Only time will tell!

Happy gardening!!

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What a fabulous collection! Hope you will post pictures when they flower. :-)

9 Jun, 2011


Thank you. They are mostly Geraniums and seedling Dianthus, along with a seedling Ophiopogon that I grew and a couple of species Buddleja.
I am quite excited about the variegated geranium seedling and can't wait for it to flower.

9 Jun, 2011


You have been busy, lovely to see, I like the way you use grit , like Carol Klein does, she uses tons of it!!

9 Jun, 2011


that leaf is very interesting. have you got pictures of the church flower beds too? we went to a church in suffolk ~ the place with the longest high street [forgotten its name] and the church yard was kept by volunteers ~ very nicely kept and one of them was chatting ~ he was friendly and very interesting

9 Jun, 2011


Lots of healthy seedlings there, GDad...should do the job for you nicely. I notice you like using the grit too!

9 Jun, 2011


Oh, that geranium looks exciting! I love finding seedlings and potting them hubby calls them my wee 'foundlings'! Lovely selection too!

9 Jun, 2011


I always top off my seedlings with a layer of grit. I find it helps to keep the weed seeds down.

I will have some pictures of the borders at Church in the various stages of development. At the moment, they are being weeded and raked. I am using my 'signature design features': logs, composted bark, Crocosmia, Geraniums, Lillies, Aquilegia, Thalictrum, and Agapanthus.

The variegated seedling does look exciting! I am scouring the borders for more just in case.
I have a mass of Thalictrum seedlings coming up at the moment but they are still small so I will leave them another week or 2 before potting them up.

10 Jun, 2011


My word, isn't it all Clean and Tidy!!!

15 Jun, 2011


I try to keep on top of weeds: boiling water usually does the trick!

22 Jun, 2011


That variegated geranium is very interesting - look forward to seeing it grow on and flower. Are they bread trays?, a great way of keeping things organised and moving around. :-))

18 Jul, 2011

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