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Winter: another cold one?


Just a quick blog again to follow up the last weather related one I did.

This is the latest long range forecast for Autumn and Winter and is very similar to the last update they did.

A bad winter is still on the cards according to this…..

Autumn 2011 – Winter 2012

These are the latest long term projections produced by the PWS System for the UK and Eire.

Unless stated, averages apply nationwide for UK and Eire.

September 2011
Slightly warmer than average.
Drier than average.

October 2011
On the average for temperature.
On the average for rainfall.

November 2011
On the average for temperature.
Drier than average.

December 2011
Colder than average.
Wetter than average.

January 2012
Decidedly colder than average.
Wetter than average.

February 2012
Decidedly colder than average.
Wetter than average.

I will update again at the end of August to compare the predictions.

Could be another interesting winter ahead!

Happy gardening!!

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This is not the only bad forecast I've seen for next winter. I do hope it's not true, but fear it may well be. :-((((( Here we go again!

16 Jul, 2011


I do like the snow but not the cold and ice.
Looks like I might have to pile plenty of mulch onto my borders again....

16 Jul, 2011


Brrr! We dont want to think about winter just yet do we? lol :)

17 Jul, 2011


Have you seen the berries on the Holly? And the rowans are out already!
I don't know whether the Holly berries are as a result of last year's cold weather or in readiness for this winter??

17 Jul, 2011


I don't know whether to believe them. They said we were going to have a warm summer. They said it last year aswell, and also the year before.
I've also heard a forecast saying we're going to have a wet winter. I suppose we just have to cope with what we get when we get it

Lots of berries mean we had good weather at polinating time :o)

17 Jul, 2011


I am a weather fanatic and look at one extremely good weather site, and then a couple of other mediocre ones.
Have a look at this link .....

17 Jul, 2011


Around April? For polinating?
I did see reports of a very hot summer too, not quite sure if I missed it??
I'm hoping august 13th will be good cos my son gets married that day.

17 Jul, 2011


Whenever the polinating time is, lots of berries mean we must have had the right weather for it - not necessarily hot, but the right weather at the right time for that plant

Enjoy the wedding. I hope you have a sunn y day :o)

17 Jul, 2011


Thanks hywel.

17 Jul, 2011



17 Jul, 2011


ooooooooooooooo no dont want winter yet brrrrrrrrr lol

18 Jul, 2011

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